What marriage issues do you fear most?

marriage issues i fear

Many divorced people, such as myself, aren’t looking to remarry.

We remember the bad times and eventual heartbreak that accompanied divorce. Why take a chance on that happening again, especially if kids are involved?

But I want to pose a question: What single issue scares you the most about remarriage?

I’ve compiled a list of possible fears:

  • Marrying a woman just like your ex-wife
  • Finding out your new wife deceived you in some way
  • Fighting over money
  • Dealing with a mother-in-law from hell
  • Discovering your wife is extremely jealous and suspicious
  • Experiencing sexual problems that can’t be resolved
  • Feeling smothered and losing your independence
  • Gradually growing apart for a variety of reasons
  • Clashing with her kids from a previous marriage (or vice versa)
  • Losing your life savings in a divorce

That’s a pretty depressing list, isn’t it? Mind you, I’m not an opponent of marriage, even though I’ve been divorced twice.

I simply believe people should enter marriage with their eyes wide open, expecting a bumpy ride at times. Being cautious is wise. But if you’re afraid of getting married, it’s a good idea to examine why.

There’s at least one reason, maybe more. Look at the list of fears I proposed. Am I missing some? What are your biggest fears?

My main marriage fears

I’d better answer the question myself if I’m going to ask others. Here are my top three fears:

  1. Feeling smothered and losing my independence. As a divorced guy, I love not having to consult a wife over my plans, defend a hobby, or explain why I like certain friends.
  2. Fighting over money. If I marry again, I’m going to choose a rich woman. Not to get my hands on her money, but to keep her hands off mine. I admire couples who have a joint banking account and trust the spouse to spend responsibly. I haven’t had that experience in marriage.
  3. Gradually growing apart for a variety of reasons. I could have ranked this fear higher. Often marriages don’t die because of a single event, such as infidelity. They die slowly over time because of small deceptions, unstated resentments, and a lack of communication. I think it’s easier to address a giant issue than a dozen smaller ones that, together, doom a marriage.

OK, now it’s your turn. I’d like to start a discussion on marriage fears. Maybe we can help each other identify our own fears.

Knowledge is power. If you understand why marriage scares you, you’re more likely to avoid a marriage mistake. You’re also more likely to overcome your fears and have a successful marriage next time.


Sometimes fear is a good thing. But don’t let it paralyze you. Ask yourself why you fear remarriage. Turn fear into knowledge you can use.

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About Ed Housewright

Ed Housewright is the chief cook and bottle washer at Single Dad House. After three decades as a newspaper reporter, he’s trying to adapt to the social media world. He’s matrimonially challenged with two divorces under his belt and is trying to do a better job at raising his 12-year-old son, Connor. Follow Ed on Twitter: @singledadhouse.


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