Dating Tip of the Week: 4 reasons not to date someone younger

dating tip of the week

Be honest. You’re always trying to go as young as possible in dating. If you’re 52, like me, you really don’t want to date someone who is 52. (Sorry to those who are offended.) No, 42 is much better – and 32 better still. But when you try to drop too far down, you’re courting disaster. A MensXP article lists four possible bad outcomes:

  1. The young hottie may be after your money – and not you.
  2. The generation gap will make it hard to find common interests.
  3. She may have emotional issues “that older women have outgrown,” the article says.
  4. You won’t recapture your youth by dating a much younger woman. If this is your goal, you’ll only be disappointed.

Love can conquer all – including a huge age difference. But be realistic. Your dream relationship could turn into your worst nightmare.

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